A public inbox for
your email newsletter.

Don’t let your emails get lost after you send.
Create a website from your emails so that people can read it anytime!

Supports all newsletter platforms

How it works

  • 0Create an account with us and get a unique Letterhive email address.
  • 1Add that Letterhive email as a subscriber to your newsletter.
  • 2Customize the look of your website.
  • 3Keep sending emails as you normally do.

Your newsletter deserves it.

Maximize the returns on the time you’ve spent to write the newsletters by keeping them around forever.

Automatic Updates

As you send newsletters, the content of the website automatically updates so the visitors get your latest content, all time.

Password protected archive

You may only let your premium members/subscribers have a look at the complete archive.

Fully SEO optimized

What’s stopping your newsletter from becoming a blog? You get a SEO friendly website with accurate metadata along with RSS and sitemaps.

Tagging and Sorting

Organize and sort your content with relevant tags. You even get a URL, like yoursite.com/tag/news, for your tag listing all your emails under in.

Switch newsletter service without hassle

Maybe you want to switch from Substack to Convertkit for more power. Don’t let the fear loosing your archive stop you.

Import already sent newsletters

Chances are you already started your newsletter and sent a few emails.
If you are using one of the supported platforms for import (Substack, Buttondown, Email Octopus, Revue, and more coming soon), you can get your past emails into the website.

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